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Birthdate:May 9
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I have learned that things come back to haunt me, so i'm cautious about what i say about myself at times, in public at least. I'm also rather shy in real life! But very, very filthy minded ;-p

I am not ashamed of who or what i am, but some of what is here is *not* common knowledge (both what is in my profile as well as the LJ entries themselves)-please respect that if you know me in "real-life" as well as online.

Rough outline though: 30 years old, immunology/microbiology graduate, that i've done nothing with since. Studying with the OU now though, in a vague attempt to stop my tiny brain rotting completely away. I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome (a form of autism) and related sensory integration difficulties when 6 months pregnant, in 2006. A lot of my earlier life makes so much more sense now. With a lot of counselling, i'm finally beginning to understand and accept myself, and maybe even like myself as well, although it's a long, long process, and a very emotional one. I also have rheumatoid arthritis. I've suffered with depression much of my life, and although counselling has changed this a little, i've come to accept that it is something which will probably always feature in my life, to a greater or lesser extent. Much of my depression is hormonal, and i go pretty crazy once a month.

I'm interested in a simpler, less materialistic way of life. I'm not particularly political, yet when i jump on my bandwagon its hard to get me off. I've been called a "militant boob-nazi" more than once, and although it's not an expression i like, yes, i am passionate about full-term breastfeeding. Although, now my son finally weaned (at almost 4.5), i'm slightly less passionate as its not such an important part of my life. I co-sleep, wore my son in a variety of slings, and although i wouldn't say im an APer, i'm more that than anything else, and don't seem to parent "normally".

I do lock posts, sometimes occasionally, sometimes often. Really only if the nature of the post is extremely personal, and i want to *know* who is accessing it. I have no problem if strangers/friends of friends/people who've come across me in communities read my posts. I'd kinda like to know about it though, and "meeting" new people is always good, especially since i'm feeling a bit lonely, so feel free to "friend" me and i'll probably do the same back. (As soon as i notice you, that is!)

Oh, and am a single-mum to Connor (4) who has ASD. Light of my life, stress of my life, and i'm gradually beginning to *find* life other than as "just" a mother, as i finally get to spread my wings again.
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